Welcome to the online store of scans DOCUMENT-SERVICE

We offer you high-quality rendering of documents for your needs! We will make color scans and photo documents of any countries in different configurations. The drawn documents are printed and photographed and this allows to provide high cross-country ability during verification, because there are no signs of editing documents in Photoshop

What can we do for you?

  1. To draw, print, photograph a document at your request and send you a photo of the produced document.
  2. Draw, print and scan a document - if you are asking for a scan.
  3. Prepare a document for your scan with special wishes (the time and cost would be discussed individually)
  4. If you need, we are able to laminate the rendered documents on our equipment!
  5. Perform your order within a period of up to 24 hours


Here you can see some of our goods

Belgian passport
Price: 27 USD
German ID Card
Price: 27 USD
Swiss Driver License
Price: 27 USD
Utility Bill
Price: 17 USD